World History

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Final Exam study guides have been out since Tuesday.  We are reviewing these on Friday and finishing up with any questions students might have about the Final.

Monday Finals:  1st and 2nd Blocks

Tuesday Finals:  3rd and 4th Blocks

Ancient Africa

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We continued to discuss Ancient Africa today.  We finished up our power point from Thursday and then took a look at 3 different African perspectives.  Once we finished this we took some time to read a few pages from the book and answer the questions.

survey for students

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Test on Tuesday

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The Renaissance Test will be Tuesday, May 1st.  Today in class we will work on missing assignments and make up work with so many kids out from the Band Trip and Choir Trip.  If you have any questions, fill free to contact me.


Starting the Renaissance

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After taking our test on the Middle Ages yesterday, we are beginning our unit on the Renaissance today. We will be transitioning from the Middle Ages into the Renaissance by recapping the events that shaped the Middle Ages, and introducing the changes that the Renaissance brought about. At the end of class today, students will give an insight on Machiavelli’s “The Prince”, and whether they think a leader is more efficient when they are loved or feared. Starting with the Scientific Revolution tomorrow, we will begin to dive into the changes that the Renaissance presented, with students illustrating a timeline with important people and events from the Scientific Revolution.

Finishing ARMT/Review

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Today we are in the final day of our ARMT testing. However, we have been reviewing all week for our upcoming test Monday. Students have gotten two review sheets spanning everything we have covered over our Middle Ages Unit, and have been working on these reviews over the last three days. By the time the test rolls around Monday, there should be no “surprises”!

Middle Ages Test, Monday 4/16

Education and Arts in the Middle Ages

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Today we will be covering education and arts in the “High Middle Ages”, so named because it was one of the few prosperous times during the Middle Ages. We will be discussing how literacy and art became priotities at this time, and the effects that it would have on society. At the end of class, students will be answering questions about the Canterbury Tales, and drawing their interpretation of what Chaucer said everyday life was like.

ARMT Testing starts tomorrow, 4/10!

Black Plague, Day Two

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Today we are continuing our three day lesson on the Black Plague. Students will be given the entire day to work on their newscast, with half of  class time being devoted to script writing and the other half devoted to rehearsals. Tomorrow, the students will perform their newscasts.

ARMT Testing next week: Tuesday, April 10 – Friday, April 13

The Black Plague

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Today we are starting a three day lesson on the Black Plague. We will be discussing the symptoms, treatments, and the devastating effects it had on Europe. For this first lesson, we will be giving the students the background knowledge they need to complete their newscast projects over the course of the next two days. Tomorrow will be an all day script writing/rehearsal day, and students will perform their newscasts on Thursday.

Brushing off the dust…

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Today will be a review day for students to “shake off the dust” from Spring Break. They will be given a review sheet that covers everything that we have talked about up to this point, with time at the end of class to work on their Facebook assignments that were given before the break. Tomorrow we will start our three day lesson on the Black Death.